Tullyherron Farm Feeds 

Beef and Youngstock Feeds


Calf Feeds

It makes sense that the feed for the babies should be the most palatable and develop high intensity at a young age.  Our calf feeds are designed to optimise early …. And reduce … on milk or mother.  We can add products that help fight against coccidiosis if that is causing a problem in the herd, this can be done without the need for a veterinary script.  In addition to the feeds, we also stock a range of milk powders so there is sure to be one that suits your needs! 


Growing Rations

An often undervalued stage in the dairy and beef animals’ life but proper growth strategies will deliver improved profits.  We produce a range of dairy replacement heifer blends and beef growing blends to maximise frame growth.  Our flagship blends are No.2 Beef Grower Blend, 18% Heifer Grower Blend and Calf Creep Feed.

Again, we can cater for any individual situation that may arise on your farm.


Finishing Rations

High powered and safe, our finishing rations will put the icing on the cake when it comes to achieving excellent grading. We have developed a range of blends to maximise ….. , fat scores and reduce finishing time significantly.  This drives on farm efficiency and profitability.  Our most popular blends are 13% Bull Finisher Blend and 50% Maize Finisher Blend.  As many alternative feeds and by-products are fed in NI we can produce tailor made balancer blends to ensure cattle finish in-spec with zero nutritional upsets or lameness.

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