Tullyherron Dairy Feeds


Using our Comprehensive Nutrition programme farmers can maximise the potential of their dairy herds. This system takes the cow from the day of drying off right through the next lactation, with an aim of producing high milk yields with good butterfat and protein levels, while avoiding many production diseases such as ketosis, sub clinical milk fever, poor fertility and lameness.

Bespoke Rations

These rations are specifically designed for your herd based on a farm visit and assessment, forage quality and your targets for production. Formulated with the latest computer technology and using only high quality ingredients these feeds will deliver profitability to your herd.

Elite Dairy Feeds

Designed for herds in the 8500+ litre bracket, these feeds will ensure very high milk yields while at the same time maintaining excellent fertility and cow health. Using the latest feed ingredient technology and nutrition research the Elite Dairy range can bring your herd to a new level. Available in protein levels 18% - 24%.

Supreme Dairy Feeds

The Supreme Dairy range is based on the rock solid principals of dairy cow feeding. High cereal and energy levels, balanced off for high quality protein and fibre, and including our Elite Dairy mineral supplement offer you an excellent quality feed for the 6500-8500 litre animal.

Omega Fertility Blends

The value of Omega 3 oils in the role of human and animal health is well documented. However one major area of research is pointing to the role of these essential oils in dairy cow fertility. Work shows that egg quality can be improved and also early embryonic deaths can be reduced by blocking some prostaglandins from being produced after conception.

As a result of this research Tullyherron Farm Feeds can offer a range of feeds to include a blend of Omega 3 oils. Easy to use, store and feed these blends offer a practical on-farm solution to some fertility problems.