Tullyherron Sheep Feeds

The sheep feeding season tends to be a short but very concentrated period. The old saying that “sheep are always looking for a way to die” seems to be particularly poignant around lambing time and intensive finishing. However, with proper nutrition management and high quality feeds many of the problems can be overcome.

Breeding Ewe Blend

This is a high performance 19% ration containing Bypro ( a fishmeal replacer). High in energy and balanced for minerals and vitamins it ensures a healthy, thriving lamb, lots of milk in the ewe and minimises the risks of twin lamb disease. 
To be fed at a rate of up to 1.5kg from one month before lambing.

Lamb Finisher Blend

Designed for fast finishing of home lambs and bought in lambs, this ration delivers high energy in a safe format. Highly palatable and balanced for minerals this ration finishes lambs while reducing the incidence of urinary calculi and bloat.

All blends are available for:

·       Bulk delivery

·       Collection in 1 tonne bags and half tonne bags

·       Collection in 40kg bags

·       Delivery of all types of bags can also be arranged